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T.D.O.T. Industries Int’l Trade Ltd was established in 1999 using the trade name Dead Sea Cosmetics, and is in private ownership.  Specializing in the manufacture of innovative & advanced personal care cosmetic products formulated from the unique salts, mud & minerals of the Dead Sea, it is our policy to supply cosmetic products that are of the highest possible quality, made with choice natural ingredients, selected for their environmentally friendly properties and in line with all the latest consumer trends.  None of the products offered are tested on animals.

The raw natural elements of the Dead Sea have long been renowned for their curative, therapeutic and cosmetic properties and in 2001, we began manufacturing & marketing our own lines of beauty and skin-care products based upon these ingredients by carefully combining the rejuvenating minerals of the Dead Sea and the region with aromatic oils and natural plant extracts.  Under the labels of Intensive SPA Perfection and Intensive SPA Nostalgia –, AVANI Classic, AVANI Supreme, AVANI Prestige, Timeless by AVANI and Dead Sea+ by and La Tresie ( we offer in excess of 400 unique, quality skin-care products that are formulated from the best ingredients that nature has to offer.

We are committed to the pursuit of excellence in the manufacture of personal care cosmetic products and the emphasis is, as always, to strive to provide the highest levels of product innovation, quality & customer satisfaction. We are proud to announce that after upgrading our certification standards, T.D.O.T. was awarded ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, & ISO 22716:2007, for the manufacturing & marketing of personal care cosmetic products.  This certification ensures that levels of quality, environmental management, product safety & good manufacturing practice are upheld to the very highest of standards.  In addition, T.D.O.T. was awarded the ‘Good Quality Mark’ for excellence in the manufacture of Dead Sea cosmetic products by the Manufacturers’ Association of Israel.

Our products are now offered in some of the major retail chains in the world.  In addition to supplying a wide range of products to private customers, retail stores & cosmetic wholesalers – we also supply Professional Spa sized products to Spas, Health Care Centers, Hotels and Resorts worldwide.  We are also one of the leading manufacturer’s of private label Dead Sea personal care products and are proud to offer an extensive range of Dead Sea products and a selection of the highest quality professional packaging & labeling to suit each client’s individual specifications and budgetary requirements.

We maintain a logistical center in the United States where the AVANI lines of Dead Sea cosmetics are distributed.  This center was also established to facilitate the shipment of thousands of orders for Dead Sea cosmetics each year.

Moreover, we are the owners and operators of many successful on-line stores;  which was established in 1999 and in 2007.   Via these two websites we have brought the wonders of the Dead Sea into the homes of thousands of consumers worldwide. Offering all the major brands of Dead Sea Cosmetics in addition to our own lines, we offer exceptional variety, quality, service and value for money, earning the company thousands of loyal customers worldwide and the envious position of the No. 1 website in this field.

In 1999, we introduced Judaica Mall –, an online store specializing in Israeli made Jewish & religious themed gifts including Dead Sea cosmetics.  Judaica Mall offers an exceptional and extensive inventory of over 4,000 items of Judaica, each piece made in Israel by renowned Israeli artists & craftsmen, many of which are handmade.  Since its inception in 1999, this website has grown and is now the No.1 in its field.    Ranging from classic and traditional to modern and unique, Judaica Mall offers a unique range of items to individuals, Temples, Synagogues and organizations worldwide.

Following the unprecedented success of Judaica Mall, and the awareness of the growing need for a store specializing solely in Shofars (natural animal horns that are blown similar to a trumpet in religious ceremonies by both Jews and Christians alike), a new online store called Shofar Store was launched in 2011. Now offering the largest selection of Shofars in the world, this website ( has become a huge success with Jewish & Christian communities worldwide.


T.D.O.T. Industries & Int’l Trade Ltd has received the following Certification/Standards for the manufacturing & marketing of cosmetic products:-

ISO 22716:2007

ISO 22716-2022.jpeg

ISO 22716:2007

replaces the former GMP (Good Manufacturing Certificate) and gives specific guidelines for the production, control, storage and shipment of cosmetic products.

We are committed to the pursuit of excellence in the manufacture of skin care cosmetic products based on the unique raw materials of the Dead Sea. Our emphasis is to strive to provide the highest levels of product innovation, product quality and customer service.

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